Pragmatic Economics and Sustainable Finance

Building solutions for a better world

Short Bio

I am currently Associate Professor of Practice, Business & Finance at New York University Shanghai. I am also AssoIMG_5691ciate Editor of the Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment and Senior Scholar at the Center for Sustainable Business at NYU Stern. I am also a visiting professor at Fundação Dom Cabral in Brazil and external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School. Here you will find my writings, research, and ideas on how to improve the world.

Throughout my career I have developed courses, research projects, and consulting jobs in many areas of Finance and Economics. Today, at New York University Shanghai, I am delivering courses in macroeconomics and derivatives to the next generation of business and political leaders.  In executive education, I consult and design projects for companies ranging from  medium sized Brazilian firms to large multinational corporations, while helping the development of a new generation of shareholders in family-owned firms. In executive education, my lectures and courses are related to value creation; management of growth opportunities; and development of personal finance strategies and trust funds for family-owned companies.

My research interests are diverse but their common theme is on improved decision making for value creation, in private and public settings. Some examples (most of my work is available here) can be found in the Journal of Business Ethics, Economic Letters, International Journal of Production Economics, Economic Modelling, Applied Financial Economics, and European Journal of Health Economics, as well as many book chapters, newspaper, and magazine articles. My teaching and research areas include: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Industrial Economics, International Economics, Development Economics and Sustainable Finance. I have written three books in Portuguese, all in Corporate Finance and Financial Management, such as the Dynamic Model of Financial Management 

My current research projects are on Sustainable Finance and Trade and Development Economics.

I have significant teaching experience at all levels, from undergraduate to international MBAs, in South America, Europe, and Asia. Some of the companies I work or worked with include Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Santander, Skanska, L’Oreal, RCI Banque, Vale, Queiroz Galvão, Itaú Bank, and Petrobras, as well as government agencies. I have taught over 100 courses for undergraduates, 20 for post-graduates, and 2000 hours of Executive Education. My consulting jobs are usually related to Valuation, M&A, Cash Conversion Cycle Management, Personal Finance and Trust Funds, and involve companies with revenue ranging from U$10 million – U$200 million a year. One of the EMBA projects I supervised generated savings of US$1 billion for a listed company, and I am writing a case study about it.

You can contact me or download my curriculum vitae. My twitter is @RodZeidan.

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