Pragmatic Economics and Sustainable Finance

Building solutions for a better world, by Rodrigo Zeidan

Case studies for Economics of Global Business

Case study Chapter 3 – Reconstruction Aid and Economic Outcomes

Case study Chapter 3 – Refugees, adjustment costs and long-run development

Case study Chapter 3 – The macroeconomic impact of migration

Case study chapter 3 – The world in 2060 – convergence or divergence

Case study Chapter 4 – Identifying stagflations

Case study Chapter 5 – “The World’s Most Important Number” and Monetary Policy

Case study Chapter 5 – Spain Financial Crisis

Case study Chapter 5 – The output and fiscal impact of financial crises

Case study Chapter 6 – The emergence of the loanable funds (credit) market in Europe

Case study Chapter 7 – Monetary and fiscal policy in Canada

Case study Chapter 8 – Implementation of fiscal policy

Case study Chapter 9 – Exchange rate movements following shocks in commodities prices

Case study chapter 10 – War reparation and its effects

Case study chapter 11 – China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Case study Chapter 11 – The Importance of Institutions, The Case of Pakistan

Case Study Chapter 11 – To fix or not to fix the case of commodities producers

Case study chapter 12 – Piketty and Wealth Inequality R before G, Except After C

Case study chapter 12 – Pre and post transfer income inequality

Case study Chapter 13 – Poverty alleviation and the environment in Africa

Case study chapter 14 – The Philosphy behind GDP

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