Podcast interview with yours truly and Ivan Rasmussen, hosted by Altamar.

We sit down to discuss “What’s Behind Belt and Road?“.  Here is an excerpt – please do listen to the whole thing:

Rodrigo notes that many of the governments receiving massive Chinese loans are already indebted, and that good governance and transparency are foreign concepts in some recipient countries. The questionable utility of a few of the projects has also raised some eyebrows.

“If these infrastructure projects are going to the middle of nowhere, if most of the money is going to be siphoned away through graft in the host countries, then the infrastructure isn’t going to lead to development,” he warns.

“You say ‘infrastructure project’ and people just assume development will follow. But the details matter.”


Still, while he has his concerns, Rodrigo ultimately believes BRI can be a net positive for the world. Murky terms and motivations surrounding some projects has in some cases led to a broad dismissal of all Chinese investment, including in his native Brazil and Latin America as a whole, as a geopolitical endeavor, something he chalks up to rampant and unfounded Sinophobia.